Coming soon… from Nomad Bakery!

We are proudly introducing Nomad Bakery’s Fougasse bread. 100% organic ~ cooked in a wood fire oven ~ sourced and milled locally ~ fire baked for us fresh Wednesday mornings and delivered to us Wednesday afternoon. 

The origins of fougasse – created for the bakers to test their dough recipe before baking it into breads. This is why it has so many voids, always creating it in a shape with lots of edges. Fougasse was traditionally used to assess the temperature of a wood fired oven. The time it would take to bake gives an idea of the oven temperature and whether the rest of the bread can be loaded (hence the French phrase ‘il ne faut pas brûler la fougasse’: ‘do not burn the fougasse’).

Our recommendation: wrap some speck Serrano or prosciutto around sits perfectly salted and herbed surfaces and enjoy. 

This is a bread for sharing and disappearing as it’s the best bread we have ever had.