Pasta & Cheese

Our homemade fresh pasta is available in traditional egg as well as additional flavors to liven up your dinner.  Fresh pasta is available in sheets that can be used for lasagne or making other pasta creations, or can be fresh cut for you in widths ranging from vermicelli to fettuccini.  We also carry a large variety of imported dried pasta as well as Fresh, Frozen and Dried gluten free pasta to help you make that special pasta dish.  Angela’s homemade meat, marinara, or alfredo sauce make the perfect accompaniment to any pasta.  

What would pasta be without the occasional meatball or sausage?  Try our own homemade meatballs as well as our homemade sweet and hot sausage.  Meatballs and Sweet sausages are available already cooked in our deli case.  Sweet and hot sausage are also available packaged fresh or frozen, as Links or Bulk.

Whether you buy a whole piece and grate it at home or have us grate it to order for you, some parmigiano reggiano or romano cheeses from our cheese case are a perfect topping for your meal.  And that is just the beginning of our award winning cheese selection.

Whether you prefer cow, sheep, water buffalo, or goat milk; raw milk or pasteurized; hard or soft; we have an extensive variety of cheeses to satisfy any palate.   Our cheese selection features many of the great cheeses from the most renowned areas of the globe and a few that may surprise you.  Not sure what cheese to get?  Our staff has been around cheese for many years and will be glad to assist you with making the right choice.

Our Homemade Fresh Pasta
Angela’s Homemade Meatballs
2 Year Aged Parmigiano Reggiano
Our Cheese Case