Valentine’s Day Menu 2024

We are happy to share our Valentine’s Day Menu with you to review and place your order. There is a PDF file you can access which is a 2 page file listing all the offerings with prices, just below. Click to print from home

We encourage you to review the menu and call the store 603-625-9544  to place your order. We also have copies as you enter the store and you can order at the store and we are happy to assist you with your order.

Deadlines: 4PM Wednesday, February 7th for all orders. Pickup is on Wednesday, February 14 between 10am and 5pm.  All orders require payment in full, at time of order.

Please call with any questions, staff is at the ready to assist and offer a safe and vibrant Valentine’s dinner to your likeness. With gratitude from all the staff at Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop.